Interactive impacts of stressful factors and adaptive compounds and assessment of the oxidative defense system in multiple-stressed broad bean plants
作者: M. E. Younis*A. M. S. Kazamel and M. F. A. El-Sakaan
刊名: International Journal of Communications and Networks, 2019, Vol.2 (9)
来源数据库: eScience Publisher
DOI: 10.28933/ijcn-2019-07-2006
关键词: Vicia fabaLipid peroxidationElectrolyte leakageAntioxidantsNaClCd.
原始语种摘要: Field-grown plants may experience multiple abiotic stresses, rather than a single stress. In this study, interactive impacts of stressful factors and adaptive compounds in NaCl- and Cd-stressed broad bean plants were investigated. Proline as well as H2O2 contents, lipid peroxidation and electrolyte leakage were increased in NaCl- and/or Cd-treated plants, throughout the experiment, whereas sole application of AsA and SA to the unstressed plants led to a decline in the levels of these named parameters. Moreover, a further decline set in upon combination of the adaptive compounds with the stressful factors. Anthocyanin contents fluctuated in different stress levels and single application of AsA or SA reduced anthocyanins; with additional reductions being induced when these compounds were...
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  • stressed 加压力的
  • adaptive 适应的
  • throughout 遍及
  • broad 宽的
  • compounds 化合物
  • multiple 多次的
  • phenols 苯酚类
  • significant 有效的
  • assessment 评价
  • induced 感应的