Anatomical analysis and phytochemical screening of Frangula rupestris (Scop.) Schur (Rhamnaceae)
作者: Arsenijević J Drobac M Slavkovska V Kovačević N & Lakušić B
刊名: Botanica Serbica, 2018, Vol.42 (2)
来源数据库: Faculty of Biology, University of Belgrade
DOI: 10.5281/zenodo.1468339
关键词: Frangula rupestrisStemBarkLeavesAnatomyMetabolites
原始语种摘要: Frangula rupestris and F. alnus are the only two species of the genus Frangula in the flora of the Balkan Peninsula. Frangula alnus is well-known for anthranoid content, and its stem bark and fruits are widely used as laxatives. Data on anatomy, plant metabolites, and potential use of F. rupestris are scarce. In this work we analysed anatomy of the stem and leaves and performed phytochemical screening of the bark and leaves of F. rupestris. Specific anatomical characteristics of the stem include the presence of large mucilage cavities in the bark and pith, as well as numerous parenchyma cells containing solitary or cluster crystals of calcium oxalate. The majority of leaf epidermal cells are filled with mucilage. In the main leaf vein there is parenchyma with numerous mucilage cavities...
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  • phytochemical 植物化学的
  • tannins 鞣酸类
  • extracts 摘记
  • flavonoids 黄酮类似物
  • folium 叶形线
  • oxalate 草酸盐
  • laxatives 轻泻的
  • potential 
  • anatomy 解剖学
  • solitary 单独