How Does the Relationship Between Motor Skill Performance and Body Mass Index Impact Physical Activity in Preschool Children?
作者: GuoSchenkelbergO’NeillDowdaPate
刊名: Pediatric Exercise Science, 2018, Vol.30 (2), pp.266-272
来源数据库: Human Kinetics
关键词: Locomotor skillObject control skillMotor competencyWeight statusOverweight and obesity
原始语种摘要: Purpose: To determine if weight status modifies the relationship between motor skill (MS) performance and physical activity (PA) in preschoolers. Methods: Preschoolers ( N = 227, age 3–5 y) were recruited from 22 preschools. Preschoolers’ MS (locomotor, object control, and total MS) were assessed with the Children’s Activity and Movement in Preschool Study MS protocol. PA was measured by accelerometry. Mixed linear models were used to examine the relationship of MS performance and body mass index (BMI) z score to PA. Models were adjusted for age, race, sex, and parent education, with preschool as a random effect. Results: There was a significant correlation between MS performance and PA ( r = .14–.17, P < .05). A significant interaction was observed between BMI z score and object control,...

  • control 控制
  • total 总和
  • score 得分
  • between 在中间
  • competency 权限
  • performance 性能
  • protocol 日态
  • relationship 关系
  • significant 有效的
  • more 更多