The definition and essence of pedagogical content knowledge
作者: 周健霍秉坤
作者单位: 1香港教育局,香港中文大學
刊名: Hong Kong Teachers' Centre Journal, 2012, Vol.11 (1)
来源数据库: Hong Kong Teachers’Centre
关键词: Chinese Languagepedagogical content knowledgeteaching strategyrepresentation of pedagogical knowledge
原始语种摘要: Researchers realize that teachers need to possess knowledge from various scopes including pedagogical content knowledge (PCK). The components of PCK include subject knowledge and general pedagogical knowledge. PCK does not only comprise the knowledge of teaching materials, but also the expression of subject knowledge in the most representative mode in regard to teachability. PCK as unique knowledge of teachers. Its features include that teachers need to fully grasp the subject content knowledge and understand students’ learning characteristics. Then teachers express the subject content knowledge through effective strategies in order to ensure students’ understanding, inquiry and construction of knowledge. This paper, reviewing relevant literatures since 2000, tries to synthesize empirical...
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  • knowledge 知识
  • understand 理解
  • content 品位
  • definition 清晰度
  • subject 问题
  • synthesizing 综合
  • representation 表现
  • close 接近
  • teaching 教学
  • features 特征