The Investigation and Countermeasure of Shanghai Junior High School Students Participating in Extra Tutoring
作者: 龚笛
作者单位: 1上海市尚文中学,上海
刊名: Statistics and Application, 2018, Vol.07 (01), pp.7-11
中文刊名: 统计学与应用, 2018, Vol.07 (01), pp.7-11
来源数据库: Hans Pubs Journal
DOI: 10.12677/SA.2018.71002
关键词: Junior High School Students
中文关键词: 初中生课外补习调查研究卡方检验
英文摘要: At the “two sessions” held in Shanghai in 2017, how to alleviate the schoolwork burden of primary and secondary school students and rectify the market for purifying education and training has become a hot topic. How to scientifically and effectively reduce the burden for children, how to really let the parents out of “fill and do not fill (class)” dilemma? Two influence factors are considered: family and school. School should focus on how to carry out educational reform to meet the needs of students and parents. Finally, some advice is given.
中文摘要: 2017年在上海举行的“两会”上,如何减轻中小学生课业负担、整顿净化教育培训市场是代表们热议的话题。如何科学有效地为学生减负,如何真正让家长走出“补与不补(课)”的两难?本文从家庭和学校两个方面分析初中生参与课外补习的影响因素,重点探究学校该如何进行教育改革来满足学生和家长对教育的需求,为减轻中小学生课余负担提供一些建议。
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