The Research of the Relationship between Unconscious Process and Creative Thinking
作者: 吴焰焰张浩
作者单位: 1西南大学心理学部,重庆
刊名: Advances in Psychology, 2018, Vol.08 (02), pp.188-193
中文刊名: 心理学进展, 2018, Vol.08 (02), pp.188-193
来源数据库: Hans Pubs Journal
DOI: 10.12677/AP.2018.82023
关键词: Unconscious Process
中文关键词: 无意识加工创造性思维酝酿
英文摘要: “Creativity” proposed by J.P. Guilford in his speech in 1950s, has become the focus in psychology research field. Although the relationship between unconscious process and creative thinking has been getting a lot of attention from psychologist, the conclusion hasn’t been unified up to now. According to previous research work, this thesis try to point out some problems to be noticed in the study of unconscious process and creative thinking to provide some useful information for subsequent research.
中文摘要: 自20世纪50年代,吉尔福特在美国心理学会的就任演讲中提出“创造性”以来,“创造性”逐渐成为心理学研究的中心之一,其中无意识(如酝酿、走神等)与创造性之间的关系逐渐得到心理学者的关注,关于二者关系的理论和研究层出不穷,本研究在总结前人研究的基础上,指出无意识与创造性思维研究中应当注意的问题,以期为后续研究提供参考。
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