Promoting the Party Construction in Petroleum Pipeline Enterprises by Using “Five Books and One Table”
作者: 张昊李秀玲张丽梅张韬何奇隆
作者单位: 1中国石油管道局工程有限公司第四分公司,河北 廊坊
2中国石油管道局工程有限公司国内事业部,河北 廊坊
刊名: Journal of Oil and Gas Technology, 2018, Vol.40 (2), pp.124-128
中文刊名: 石油天然气学报, 2018, Vol.40 (2), pp.124-128
来源数据库: Hans Pubs Journal
DOI: 10.12677/JOGT.2018.402038
关键词: Construction of the Party Style
中文关键词: 党建工作“五书一表”石油管道企业
英文摘要: In order to carry out the construction of the Party style and honest administration and an-ti-corruption work of the party, promote the implementation of “two responsibilities”, No. 4 company innovated to implement the work system of “five books and one table”. For promoting the implementation of the work system of “five books and a table”, the responsibility of clarity of the task and responsibility of honest administration was persisted in by using letter of responsibility, the self-restraint and mass supervision was strengthened with open undertaking, the warning of education was strengthened with warning informing book, signature endorsement was used to perfect the responsibility reverse investigation mechanism, monitoring the proposal was used for deepening the accountability...
中文摘要: 深抓党风廉政建设和反腐败工作,推进“两个责任”落实,中国石油管道局工程有限公司第四分公司(以下简称管道四公司)创新实施了“五书一表”工作制度。推进“五书一表”工作制度落实,坚持用责任书明晰廉政任务和责任,用公开承诺书强化自我约束和群众监督,用警示告知书加强教育警示,用签字背书完善责任倒查机制,用监察建议书深化责任追究,用党风廉政建设风险识别与防范对策表实现对廉政风险经常性、常态化、预防式管控,确保党风廉政和反腐败全过程管控,实现了管道四公司全面从严治党、廉洁从业的相关要求。
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