The Study on Air Pollution in 31 Main Cities
作者: 刘哲高波
作者单位: 1北方工业大学,理学院,北京
刊名: Statistics and Application, 2019, Vol.08 (03), pp.567-573
中文刊名: 统计学与应用, 2019, Vol.08 (03), pp.567-573
来源数据库: Hans Pubs Journal
DOI: 10.12677/SA.2019.83064
英文摘要: Based on correspondence analysis and canonical correlationanalysis, the relationship between air pollution and cities in 31 main citiesis analyzed in this paper. Through the corresponding analysis and research, wecan simply classify different cities and analyze the different factors of airquality due to factors such as location conditions and industrial layout. Then,through the typical correlation analysis, it is studied which kinds ofpollutants will affect PM2.5 and PM10 in the air qualityindex, and reasonable improvement suggestions are proposed for thesepollutants.
中文摘要: 本文基于对应分析与典型性相关分析,对31个主要城市的空气污染与城市关系进行分析。通过对应分析研究,简单分类不同城市,分析因区位条件、产业布局等因素,造成空气质量的不同的因素。随后通过典型性相关分析,研究空气质量指标中的PM2.5、PM10主要受哪些污染物影响,针对这些污染物提出合理的改进建议。
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