Experience and Typical High Yield and High Efficiency Cultivation Techniques of Sweet Potato
作者: 范泽民刘新亮蒋晓璐朱玉灵王秀梅陈卫
作者单位: 1阜阳市农业科学院,安徽 阜阳
刊名: Hans Journal of Agricultural Sciences, 2018, Vol.08 (09), pp.1115-1118
中文刊名: 农业科学, 2018, Vol.08 (09), pp.1115-1118
来源数据库: Hans Pubs Journal
DOI: 10.12677/HJAS.2018.89164
英文摘要: Based on the author's work experience over the years, this paper mainly introduces the key techniques of high yield and high efficiency cultivation of sweet potato in the new period: 1) Select the right varieties, adapt to the market, plan to plant and have the target; 2) Apply foot base fertilizer, more-apply phosphorus and potassium, open three trenches, irrigate and drain; 3) Plant evenly and densely, plant the whole seeding at one time, do disease prevention and insect prevention; 4) Carefully use chemical reagent control, limit attack and defense, timely harvest, ensure high efficiency, etc. This paper listed several examples of high yield and high efficiency, pointed out several misunderstandings of the current farmers’ sweet potato cultivation. It has practical guiding significance...
中文摘要: 本文以作者多年来的工作经验,主要介绍了新时期甘薯高产高效栽培的关键技术:1、选准品种,适应市场,计划种植,有的放矢;2、施足基肥,重施磷钾,开好三沟,能灌能排;3、均匀密植,一栽全苗,中耕除草,防病防虫;4、谨慎化控,攻防有度,适时收获,确保高效等,列举了几个高产高效的典型例子,指出了当前农民甘薯种植的几个误区,对新时期甘薯生产具有现实的指导意义。
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