A Study on Microstructure Damage and Constitutive Relation of Nanoparticle Composite
作者: 卞立春刘畅潘静高明郭久明
作者单位: 1燕山大学工程力学系,河北 秦皇岛
刊名: Material Sciences, 2018, Vol.08 (04), pp.355-366
中文刊名: 材料科学, 2018, Vol.08 (04), pp.355-366
来源数据库: Hans Pubs Journal
DOI: 10.12677/MS.2018.84040
关键词: Composite Material
中文关键词: 复合材料本构关系脱粘损伤热膨胀系数有效弹性模量
英文摘要: In the present investigation, based on a micro-mechanics method, a two-phase composite effective model is presented for the particulate-reinforced composite. It is assumed that the nano-particles are uniformly distributed in an infinite matrix, and they are all the inclusions of composites. Based on these constitutive laws, the constitutive equations are derived for the stress and strain of each phase of the multi-inclusion composite subjected to a far-field tension. Moreover, the effective bulk, shear and Young’s modulus are obtained. The relations of the temperature changing, nano-particle form and volume fraction are obtained, and their influence on effective modulus of nano-particle composites is also discussed.
中文摘要: 本文基于细观力学方法,建立了包含基体和增强纳米颗粒的二相颗粒增强复合材料模型。假设颗粒分布于无限大基体内并且与基体完全粘结,这时纳米颗粒与基体均为复合材料中的异性夹杂。基于此模型,利用自洽法、等效夹杂法以及Mori-Tanaka方法,推导出纳米颗粒复合材料在外部应力作用下各组分材料的本构关系表达式,并且,计算分析温度变化、颗粒形状以及颗粒体积分数之间的关系及对复合材料有效弹性模量的影响。
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