Research Progress of Algae Protein
作者: 刘虹李亚蕊马芳芳任广旭熊海容赵平刘庆华王靖
作者单位: 1中南民族大学武陵山区特色资源植物种质保护与利用湖北省重点实验室,湖北 武汉
刊名: Botanical Research, 2019, Vol.8 (1), pp.79-87
中文刊名: 植物学研究, 2019, Vol.8 (1), pp.79-87
来源数据库: Hans Pubs Journal
DOI: 10.12677/BR.2019.81011
英文摘要: Due to the increase in population and the demand for social development, human demand for protein is increasing. However, excavation and utilization of protein is urgent, especially for plant-source protein. As marine protein, algae have become an important candidate of plant-source proteins for humans. Algae protein has multiple components that promote the potential health effects for humans. Specific biological characteristics include anti-oxidation, antihypertensive, anti-thrombotic, anti-tumor and immunostimulatory properties. This review systematically expounds the current algae resources and its protein extraction methods, and provides a reference for the implementation of dual-protein engineering in future.
中文摘要: 由于人口的增加与社会发展的需求,人类对蛋白质的需求日益增加,蛋白质生产缺口仍然较大,目前藻类蛋白已成为人类重要的海洋蛋白质来源之一。藻类蛋白质由于具有促进健康潜在影响的组成部分而具有特定生物特性,包括抗氧化、降血压、抗血栓、抗肿瘤和免疫刺激特性。本文对目前藻类资源及其蛋白质提取方法进行了系统的阐述,为双蛋白工程的实施提供了参考。
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