The Mechanism of Incubation in Creative Problem Solving
作者: 赵晓旭张浩
作者单位: 1西南大学心理学部,重庆
刊名: Advances in Psychology, 2018, Vol.08 (03), pp.323-329
中文刊名: 心理学进展, 2018, Vol.08 (03), pp.323-329
来源数据库: Hans Pubs Journal
DOI: 10.12677/AP.2018.83040
关键词: Unconscious Work
中文关键词: 无意识加工创造力问题解决酝酿机制
英文摘要: When creative problem required novel thoughts are set aside, the new solutions suddenly pop into consciousness. The notion of Unconscious Work which is involved with the Opportunistic As-similation hypothesis and Spreading Activation Theory during incubation periods is supported by a review of experimental studies. Other explanations for incubation effects, in terms of Intermittent Conscious Work or Fixation Beneficial Forgetting are considered. The effects of resource competition from interpolated activities regarding Immediate vs. Delayed Incubation are discussed. In order to investigate the mechanism of incubation, incubation paradigms and creative problem can be considered to explore the role of Unconscious Work.
中文摘要: 创造性问题解决过程中存在酝酿效应,即当人们需要新的思路或未解决的问题搁置时,一个新的解决方案突然出现的现象。回顾以往采用酝酿范式的研究,可知延迟酝酿范式和立即酝酿范式的分心任务存在竞争资源效应,由立即酝酿范式可发现无意识加工的证据,无意识加工与提示同化假说和激活扩散假设密不可分,除此之外还有间断性有意识加工、定势遗忘等假设。未来可从创造性问题和酝酿范式两个方面入手,对无意识加工理论进一步深入探索。
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