Current Status and Prospects of Research on Plant Pythoncidere
作者: 吴磊孙奇赵骥民张彦文
作者单位: 1长春师范大学生命科学学院,吉林 长春
2东北师范大学草地研究所,吉林 长春
3长春师范大学生命科学学院,吉林 长春;辽东学院农学院,辽宁 丹东
刊名: International Journal of Ecology, 2019, Vol.08 (01), pp.9-14
中文刊名: 世界生态学, 2019, Vol.08 (01), pp.9-14
来源数据库: Hans Pubs Journal
DOI: 10.12677/IJE.2019.81002
英文摘要: Plant pythoncidere is a kind of gaseous organic matter that is released by plants in the natural state and beneficial to the human body. This paper introduces the discovery of plant pythoncidere and the biological and abiotic factors (tree age, leaf age, differences among tree species, temperature, humidity, soil fertility, water stress, CO2 concentration, etc.) affecting the release of plant pythoncidere. At the same time, the methods of detecting and collecting plant essence and the ad-vantages and disadvantages of these methods are introduced. In addition, this article is also aimed at how to reasonably detect plant pythoncidere, screen out efficient and healthy plants and combine with air negative oxygen ions to build a micro-ecological system to achieve the goal of “moving the forest...
中文摘要: 植物精气是植物在自然状态下释放的有益于人体的气态有机物。本文介绍了植物精气的发现以及影响植物精气释放的生物因子和非生物因子(树龄、叶龄、树种间的差异性、温度、湿度、土壤肥力、水胁迫、CO2浓度等),同时介绍了检测和收集植物精气的方法及这些方法的利弊。此外,本文还就如何合理的检测植物精气,筛选出高效健康植物并与空气负氧离子相结合,构建微生态系统从而实现“将森林搬回家”的目标,为人类健康提供保障。
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