Hydrotalcite Application in Electrochemical Sensing and Testing
作者: 程丽娅王朝琳王美芹丁亚萍
作者单位: 1安徽省地质实验研究所,安徽 合肥
3菏泽家政职业学院,山东 单县
刊名: Advances in Analytical Chemistry, 2018, Vol.8 (2), pp.74-84
来源数据库: Hans Pubs Journal
DOI: 10.12677/AAC.2018.82010
原始语种摘要: Layered double hydroxides (LDHs) are a family of anionic clays consisting of positively charged brucite-like layers among which are located anions and water molecules. The preparation methods of LDHs are diverse, and the LDH film usually uses layer-by-layer self-assembly method, dropping method and electrochemical deposition method and other methods to modify the electrode. Hydrotalcite has the obvious advantages in the sensing and detection and in the field of electro-chemical analytical chemistry. Therefore, in recent years, domestic and international analysis and sensor technology workers in the extensive attention, and a large number of literatures have been reported. According to the principle of sensing and detection, the preparation method of modified electrode, this paper...
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