Comparative Historiography—At That Time, No Attention Was Paid to Events Related to Significant Incidents
作者: 胡文祥
作者单位: 1北京神剑天军医学科学院,北京
刊名: Journal of Comparative Chemistry, 2018, Vol.2 (1), pp.16-22
中文刊名: 比较化学, 2018, Vol.2 (1), pp.16-22
来源数据库: Hans Pubs Journal
DOI: 10.12677/CC.2018.21004
关键词: History
中文关键词: 历史学历史事件分析比较重演律不可重复性
英文摘要: The so-called comparative historiography or analytical historiography is the macro and micro analysis of historical events in different aspects, in different time and space, and indifferent sce-narios. It may not be the same as traditional history, which can greatly expand people’s history and horizons, investigate the common laws and different characteristics of historical development and enrich the treasures of human history and culture. If you can’t see history, then please look at the contemporary; if you can’t see the contemporary, then please take a look at history! Because history is a contemporary mirror, contemporary times are often a reenactment of history. In particular, some incidents in history, when they were not valued at the time, were of great significance and affected...
中文摘要: 所谓比较历史学或分析历史学,就是对历史事件进行不同侧面、不同时空和不同情景的宏观和微观分析,得到与传统历史学可能不大一样的结论,这样可以大大拓展人们的历史和时空视野,探讨历史发展的共同规律和不同特点,丰富人类的历史文化知识宝库。如果你看不清历史,那就请你看看当代;如果你看不清当代,那就请你看看历史!因为历史是当代的一面镜子,而当代往往是历史的“重演”。尤其是历史上一些事件,当时不受重视而事后意义重大,并影响历史进程。
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