Research and Prevention of Casing Failure in Russia’s Oilfields
作者: 刘颖马翠张晓刚刘筝
作者单位: 1大庆油田有限责任公司勘探开发研究院,黑龙江 大庆
刊名: Hans Journal of Chemical Engineering and Technology, 2019, Vol.09 (02), pp.126-131
中文刊名: 化学工程与技术, 2019, Vol.09 (02), pp.126-131
来源数据库: Hans Pubs Journal
DOI: 10.12677/HJCET.2019.92018
英文摘要: An increasing number of producers and injectors in Russia’s several mature oilfields are suffering from casing failure, which has resulted in huge economic loss, higher production costs and opera-tional discontinuity. This paper sums up the measures taken by Russia’s mature oilfields to prevent and repair casing failure based on the analysis of the current statues, causes and prevention of casing failure. With oilfields located in west Siberian as its focus, this paper discusses the possible solutions for preventing and repairing casing failure caused by corrosion, well completion, waterflooding and so on. Mature oilfields in China can draw lessons from these oilfields to conduct research on casing failure.
中文摘要: 随着油田开发时间的延长,俄罗斯一些老田油水井套损井数逐年增多,油田资产损失重大,投入成本增加,严重影响油田正常生产。本文在研究俄罗斯油田套损现状、影响因素和防治措施基础上,总结了俄罗斯老油田套损预防和治理措施,重点分析了西西伯利亚一些老油田因腐蚀、固井、注水开发等因素引起的套损状况及采取的对策,为我国老油田的套损研究提供借鉴。
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