Estimating the Position of the Harvester Head – a Key Step towards the Precision Forestry of the Future?
作者: Ola LindroosOla RingdahlPedro La HeraPeter HohnloserThomas Hellström Hellström
刊名: Croatian Journal of Forest Engineering, 2015, Vol.36 (2)
来源数据库: Hrcak Journal
英文摘要: Modern harvesters are technologically sophisticated, with many useful features such as the ability to automatically measure stem diameters and lengths. This information is processed in real time to support value optimization when cutting stems into logs. It can also be transferred from the harvesters to centralized systems and used for wood supply management. Such information management systems have been available since the 1990s in Sweden and Finland, and are constantly being upgraded. However, data on the position of the harvester head relative to the machine are generally not recorded during harvesting. The routine acquisition and analysis of such data could offer several opportunities to improve forestry operations and related processes in the future. Here, we analyze the possible...
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