The Influence of Wagon Structure Part Shape Optimization on Ultimate Fatigue Strength
作者: Vladimir MilovanovićMiroslav ŽivkovićGordana JovičićJelena ŽivkovićDražan Kozak
刊名: Transactions of FAMENA, 2016, Vol.39 (4)
来源数据库: Hrcak Journal
英文摘要: This study investigates how shape optimisation affects the ultimate fatigue strength of a mechanical part. The mechanical part chosen for this investigation is an axle guard of running gear elements of the Hccrrs 2x2 axle car-carrying wagon. The static and fatigue strength analysis procedure according to the UIC 517 standard and numerical methods have been applied. Material properties were determined experimentally and the necessary numerical calculations were performed by using the finite element method. The observed axle guard is exposed to low cycle fatigue. ε-N curves and material properties of the S355J2+N steel grade are obtained by combining theoretical formulae and a mathematical function. According to the obtained experimental and numerical results the number of cycles until...
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