Barkhausen Noise Emission in Hard Milled Surfaces of Steel C55
作者: Miroslav NeslušanJozef MajeríkPavel KejzlarMária ČillikováAnna Mičietová
刊名: Transactions of FAMENA, 2016, Vol.39 (4)
来源数据库: Hrcak Journal
英文摘要: This paper deals with the application of the Barkhausen noise technique in the nondestructive monitoring of hard milled surfaces. The paper discusses strong magnetic anisotropy linked with microstructural transformations of a machined surface with regard to variable flank wear of cutting inserts. Effective values of Barkhausen noise, peak positions derived from the raw Barkhausen noise signals, the shape of hysteresis loops as well as the Barkhausen noise envelopes are compared with metallographic observations and theoretical background regarding the magnetic domains configuration in the near surface region. A possible concept by which hard milled surfaces could be monitored in real industrial conditions in a non-destructive manner is driven by the specific surface state of the...
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