Assessment of Impacts of Climate Change and Adaptation Measures for Maize Production in East Sikkim, India
作者: Proloy Deb and Mukand S. Babel
刊名: Journal of Hydrology and Meteorology, 2015, Vol.9 (1)
来源数据库: Society of Hydrologists and Meteorologists – Nepal
关键词: Climate changeCrop modelingagro-adaptationNorth East IndiaIPCC scenarios
原始语种摘要: An investigation was carried out to assess the impacts of climate change on rainfed maize yield using a yield response to water stress model (AquaCrop) and to identify suitable adaptation options to minimize the negative impacts on maize yield in East Sikkim, North East India. Crop management and yield data was collected from the field experimental plots for calibration and validation of the model for the study area. The future climate data was developed for two IPCC emission scenarios A2 and B2 based on the global climate model HadCM3 with downscaling of climate to finer spatial resolution using the statistical downscaling model, SDSM. The impact study revealed that there is an expected reduction in maize yield of 12.8, 28.3 and 33.9% for the A2 scenario and 7.5, 19.9 and 29.9% for the...
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  • climate 气候
  • Sikkim 锡金绵羊
  • scenario 剧情
  • maize 玉米
  • India 印度
  • calibration 校准
  • minimize 最小化
  • statistical 统计的
  • rainfed 雨灌
  • global 球状的