UV Index and Total Ozone Column Climatology of Nepal Himalaya Using TOMS and OMI Data
作者: R.R. Sharma B. Kjeldstad and P. J. Espy
刊名: Journal of Hydrology and Meteorology, 2015, Vol.9 (1)
来源数据库: Society of Hydrologists and Meteorologists – Nepal
关键词: UV indexTotal Ozone ColumnNepal HimalayasTOMS/OMI dataClimatologyNILU UV
原始语种摘要: Ultraviolet index (UVI) and Total Ozone Column (TOC) climatology of six stations of Nepal Himalaya using ground measurement, and OMI / TOMS satellite data is presented. The positive bias found in the OMI UV index from previous study is corrected empirically using a ratio factor using the clear sky coincident data of OMI and ground measurement from NILU UV multi-band filter radiometer (MBFR). UV index >3 in the winter months (e.g. December) and more than 9 during the summer months (May-August) are common in most of the stations. High altitude stations even have more extreme values (>11) during the summer months. Under some meteorological conditions, UV index often found more than 16 at the high altitude station (latitude 28o, altitude 2850m) during a clear sky day in the monsoon season....
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  • climatology 气候学
  • summer 
  • altitude 高度
  • meteorological 气象的
  • extreme 极端的
  • latitude 纬度
  • monsoon 季风
  • trend 
  • Nepal 尼泊尔
  • variability 变异性