Characterization of expression and enzyme activity of lipoxygenases during fruit softening and superficial scald development in ‘Wujiuxiang’ pear
作者: Shuo ZhouDan LiYudou ChengJunfeng Guan
刊名: Journal of Applied Botany and Food Quality, 2016, Vol.89
来源数据库: Julius Kühn-Institut
DOI: 10.5073/JABFQ.2016.089.040
关键词: LipoxygenasePostharvestSuperficial scaldFruit ripening
原始语种摘要: Lipoxygenases (LOXs; EC have been implicated in fruit ripening and senescence; however, little is known regarding the specific LOX genes involved in fruit softening and scald develop- ment in pear. In this study, two 9-lipoxygenase genes, PcLOX1 and PcLOX7, were characterized in silico in the Pyrus communis draft genome. The expression pattern of PcLOX1 and PcLOX7, LOX ac-tivity, respiration rate and ethylene production were analyzed during fruit softening and superficial scald development in ‘Wujiuxiang’ pear with or without 1-MCP treatment. The results demonstrated that PcLOX1 and PcLOX7 belong to the type-1 LOX subfamily, and their expression levels, enzyme activity, respiration rate and ethy-lene production were increased during fruit softening and scald de­velopment. In...
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  • scald 识变色
  • pear 
  • superficial 表面的
  • softening 软化
  • expression 表示
  • development 开发
  • enzyme 
  • activity 活度
  • respiration 呼吸
  • ripening 成熟