Long term creep assessment of room-temperature cured epoxy adhesive by time-stress superposition and fractional rheological model
作者: Hui LiYingshe LuoDonglan Hu
刊名: Applied Rheology, 2018, Vol.28 (6)
来源数据库: Applied Rheology
DOI: 10.3933/ApplRheol-28-64796
关键词: Rheology
原始语种摘要: The creep behavior of a new type epoxy resin adhesive which is room-temperature cured and used for reinforcing engineeringstructures was studied. The tensile strength of the adhesive has reached the desired values for the structural adhesive usedfor bonding concrete as the base material with steel. The short-term creep tests were conducted under four different stresslevels. The generalized curve for reference stress was obtained by utilizing the time-stress equivalent principle. Moreover,compared with traditional Burgers model, an improved fractional KBurgers model obtained by replacing the Newton derivativewith the fractional derivative element (Abel component) in the traditional Burgers model can capture the creep behavior ofthis epoxy adhesive with high precision in the condition of...
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  • fractional 分级的
  • creep 蠕变
  • epoxy 环氧尸
  • temperature 温度
  • adhesive 粘合剂
  • stress 应力
  • cured 熟化的
  • tensile 拉的
  • generalized 广义
  • reinforcing 配筋