Relationship between critical relative humidity and solubility of drugs
作者: Yingli WangXiancheng ZhanLin LuoJia ChenChaoqun XiangChengrong LiLinli Li
作者单位: 1Key Laboratory of Drug Targeting, West China School of Pharmacy, Sichuan University, Chengdu, Sichuan 610041, P. R. China
刊名: Drug Development and Industrial Pharmacy, 2011, Vol.37 (5), pp.547-551
来源数据库: Informa Journal
DOI: 10.3109/03639045.2010.528428
原始语种摘要: Both the critical relative humidity ( H cr) and the solubility are important physicochemical properties that affect the quality of drugs. However, the relationship between them is not noticed yet. By an analysis of interaction between molecules of drug and water, the conclusion logically obtained is: the higher the solubility is, the lower the H cr will be. To validate this idea, the H cr and the solubility of 33 drugs and chemicals were determined and a negative linear correlation was found between the two factors when the solubility was expressed as the mole fraction of water. This negative linear correlation was further confirmed by a computer simulation according to modified Debye-Hückel equation.
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  • solubility 溶度
  • critical 临界的
  • drugs 药品
  • humidity 湿度
  • between 在中间
  • relative 相对的
  • interaction 相互酌
  • logically 逻辑
  • fraction 分数
  • according 按照