An Assessment of ICT in Information Literacy Development Among Students: A Case Study of NIMS
作者: Murtala AminuRajeev VashsthaAbdulhamid Tahir Hamid
刊名: International Journal of Library Science™, 2017, Vol.15 (3), pp.109-118
来源数据库: International Journal of Library Science
原始语种摘要: The study was commenced to examine and assess ICT in information literacy development by students of NIMS University, Jaipur. The concept of information literacy as variable tools of development by students, academics, and individual, was extremely discussed. The study also tries to find out how students realized their needs for information available to them and how they access and evaluate information using ICT. The study adopted survey method, computer science students as a sample of the study and questionnaire was used as an instrument for data collection. The study recommends and concludes that effective and sustainable literacy programs should be enhanced and orientation programs on how to search the internet should be organized, also ICT facilities should be provided as a matter of...
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  • information 报告
  • development 开发
  • organized 有组织
  • literacy 识字
  • sustainable 能保持一定速度的
  • their 他们的
  • variable 变量
  • university 大学
  • facilities 设备
  • questionnaire 甸表