Agglutinins in Sera of Laboratory Workers Exposed to Serratia marcescens ∗
作者: Morton ReitmanLeonard S. SuttonRobert L. AlgWilliam S. MillerNoel H. Gross
作者单位: 1From Camp Detrick, Frederick, Md.
刊名: Proceedings of the Society for Experimental Biology and Medicine, 1955, Vol.89 (2), pp.236-240
来源数据库: Sage Publications, Inc.
DOI: 10.3181/00379727-89-21769
原始语种摘要: Summary(#br)1. Many laboratory workers who inhaled aerosols of SM developed specific serum agglutinins. 2. Agglutinins for SM were found more often and in higher titer in the serums of those who had the most exposure to the organism. 3. Agglutinins for SM tended to persist in man for several months. 4. Rabbits injected intravenously with the flagellar antigen of SM rapidly produced an agglutinin titer of 1:2560 which gradually dropped to a steady level varying between 1:160 and 1:80. 5. One of 2 rabbits exposed to an aerosol of SM rapidly developed agglutinins to a titer of 1:320 which fell to 1:160 three days later and was still at this level 39 days after exposure.
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  • rapidly 迅速地
  • level 水准
  • developed 开发
  • titer 滴定率
  • still 
  • three 
  • several 各自
  • between 在中间
  • Serratia 沙雷氏菌属
  • laboratory 实验室