Relaxing the straight male anus: Decreasing homohysteria around anal eroticism
作者: Jonathan BranfmanSusan StiritzEric Anderson
作者单位: 1The Ohio State University, USA
2Washington University, St. Louis, USA
3University of Winchester, UK
刊名: Sexualities, 2018, Vol.21 (1-2), pp.109-127
来源数据库: Sage Publications, Inc.
DOI: 10.1177/1363460716678560
关键词: Homohysteriaanalmasculinityhomophobiaone-time rule
原始语种摘要: This study examines the practice and perception of receptive anal eroticism among 170 heterosexual undergraduate men in a US university. We analyze the social stigmas on men’s anal pleasure through the concept of homohysteria, which describes a cultural myth that the wrongdoing of gender casts homosexual suspicion onto heterosexual men. For men’s anal eroticism, this means that only gay, emasculated or gender deviant men are thought to enjoy anal pleasure. We suggest, however, that decreasing homohysteria has begun to erode this cultural ‘ban’ on anal stimulation for straight men. Our data finds self-identified straight university-aged men questioning cultural narratives that conflate anal receptivity with homosexuality and emasculation. We also show that 24 percent of our respondents...
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  • straight 直的
  • pleasure 愉快
  • eroticism 色情
  • questioning 审问
  • receptive 接受的
  • cultural 文化的
  • inclusive 包括
  • heterosexual 异性爱
  • deviant 异常
  • around 环绕