Disastrous Forest Fires: Management and Control
作者: S.P. Vasudeva
作者单位: 1Principal Chief Conservator of Forests (HoFF) (Retd), Himachal Pradesh, India.
刊名: Indian Journal of Public Administration, 2018, Vol.64 (2), pp.237-253
来源数据库: Sage Publications, Inc.
DOI: 10.1177/0019556117750900
关键词: National Disaster Management AuthorityNational Remote Sensing CentreNon-timber forest productsSustainable development goals (SDGs)United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change
原始语种摘要: Forest fires are the most common hazard in forests causing havoc with biodiversity. Forest fires may occur naturally; however, about 80 per cent of forest fires in the world are caused by human beings. Forest Survey of India estimates that about half of the country’s forests are affected by fire. The negative effects of forest fires override the beneficial effects requiring their strategic management. Management of forest fires through the disaster management continuum would lead to systematic tackling with better results. Involvement of communities with their viewpoint in devising strategy for forest fire prevention and control is required. Integrated approach incorporating ecological, economic, social, cultural and religious considerations, and rational knowledge of local people through...
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  • National 国民牌大客车
  • development 开发
  • consultative 咨询的商议的协议的
  • products 制品
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  • management 管理
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  • process 过程
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