Simulation of Central Subpixel Location Method in Remote Sensing Multi-View Image
作者: Bing Wan
刊名: Transactions on Computer Science and Technology, 2019, Vol.7 (1), pp.45-48
来源数据库: Ivy Publisher Journal
原始语种摘要: Subpixel localization in image center is one of the key technologies of vision measurement. In order to meet the requirements of accurate calibration and measurement in multi-field, the existing sub-pixel positioning methods are complex, the positioning accuracy is greatly affected by the effect of initial edge extraction, and the positioning accuracy is low. Because remote sensing multi-view images are usually not stationary random signals, in order to better express the non-stationary characteristics of images, random analysis is combined to segment sub-pixel objects in the center of remote sensing images. The accuracy of mark positioning will affect the accuracy of the whole measurement. The control point signs with different characteristics correspond to different recognition methods,...
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  • matching 匹配
  • recognition 识别
  • pixel 像素
  • effectiveness 有效性
  • features 特征
  • retrieval 检索
  • accuracy 准确度
  • geometric 凡何
  • correspond 对应
  • vision 视力