An Integrated taxonomic Tool for Online Dissemination of Concise, Verified and Visualized Information on Biodiversity, Retrieved from Data and Text Mining of Natural History Collections and Libraries
作者: Jurate De Prins
刊名: JSM Bioinformatics, Genomics and Proteomics, 2016, Vol.1 (2)
来源数据库: JSciMed Central Journals
关键词: Biodiversity data integrationData validationData workflowSpecies inter-relationsTaxonomic websites
原始语种摘要: Taxonomic text and data mining in collections and libraries of natural history has received much attention in recent months. Given the fact that intelligent text and data mining is able to extract taxonomic facts and evidences around such subjects like species, types, distribution, parasitoids, host plants, relationships, DNA, accumulate information, and to standardize it, it is seen as a major enabler to foster bio-environmental research and new tax a discovery. In contrast to the bioscience web-based information, data of natural history collections have not reached the same level of maturity, understanding of significance, and practice of handling. Here, I present an existing work on the creation of taxonomic online tools, and highlight the associated technical and intellectual...
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  • Data 数据
  • mining 矿业
  • discovery 发现
  • maturity 壮年期
  • taxonomic 分类学的
  • intelligent 有理性的
  • extracting 选取
  • tools 工具
  • existing 现行
  • architecture 构造