Research on the Development of Micro-Tourism Market in Changsha City Under the Background of the Internet Era
作者: Peng ChenJia-Wei Tang
刊名: Asian Journal of Social Science Studies, 2019, Vol.4 (4)
来源数据库: July Press
DOI: 10.20849/ajsss.v4i4.665
原始语种摘要: With the advent of the 21st century, China has entered the era of the Internet, and the tourism industry has continued to develop. The demand for domestic tourism and national leisure consciousness has been continuously improved. As the transformation of tourism forms has gradually shifted to leisure, experience and diversification, micro-tourism springs up. In 2011, micro-tourism was officially put on the agenda as an emerging form of tourism. After that, it became popular and developed rapidly. Large numbers of micro-tourism products dominated by 1-2 days of hot spring tour, ancient town tour, island tour, country tour, and suburb tour were launched online instantly. This paper first expounds the background, formation, development and characteristics of micro-tourism and then interprets...
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  • development 开发
  • tourism 旅游
  • micro 
  • reference 基准电压源
  • market 市场
  • national 国家的
  • industry 工业
  • rapidly 迅速地
  • products 制品
  • leisure 空闲