Review: The influence of traditional Iranian and Chinese medicine on western and islamic countries
作者: Mohamad Hesam Shahrajabian Wenli Sun Qi Cheng
刊名: Asian Journal of Medical and Biological Research, 2019
来源数据库: Asian Journal of Medical and Biological Research
原始语种摘要: Traditional Chinese and Iranian medicine are ancient medical and health care systems that still forms an important part of diagnosis and treatment systems in Iran, China and other parts of the world. The integration of these two systems and modern biomedicine is also an important issue. Iranian and Chinese traditional medicines recommended for health promotion and well-being. Chinese herbal drugs have been described by medieval Muslim medical scholars such as Tabari, Rhazes, Haly Abbas, Avicenna and Jurjani (1137 CE). Traditional Chinese and Iranian medicine play an important role in sustainable agriculture and food systems, it also offers a holistic approach to prevent diseases while making appropriate use of organic and herbal products especially growth by small-scale family farmers....
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  • Chinese 汉语
  • medicine 
  • western 谓的
  • traditional 传统
  • products 制品
  • issue 
  • important 重要的
  • especially 特别地
  • usage 使用率
  • sustainable 能保持一定速度的