A Political Philosophy Study on Necessity to Interprete Sport
作者单位: 1Institute of Health & Sport Science, University of Tsukuba
2Ministry of International Trade and Industry
刊名: Journal of the Philosophy of Sport and Physical Education, 1998, Vol.20 (1), pp.49-70
来源数据库: J-STAGE Journals
DOI: 10.9772/jpspe1979.20.49
关键词: スポーツ行動解釈の循環政治哲学
原始语种摘要: The purposes of this study are 1. to study necessity of observation and interpretation of people's sport behavior by government, and 2. to make clear epistemologically how to observe and interprete.As the viewpoint of analysis, 3 symbolic formulae are used. These are, (1) y=sym (x), (2) x=con (y), and (3) Ex [y=sym (x)·x=con (y)]‹y› means linguistic import, ‹x› means concrete action, ‹sym› is the shortningform of ‹symbolize›, ‹con› is that of ‹concretize›, and ‹Ex› is existence of a person. (1) y=sym (x) is the process of symbolize x to y, (2) x=con (y) is the process of concretize ‹y› to ‹x›, and (3) Ex [y=sym (x)·x=con (y)] is the process of...
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