The process of importation of 'Herbartianism' in America : The Application of formal steps to the recitation system
作者: FUJIMOTO Kazuhisa
作者单位: 1Graduate School, University of Kyoto
刊名: The Japanese Journal of Curriculum Studies, 2001, Vol.10 (0), pp.59-71
来源数据库: J-STAGE Journals
DOI: 10.18981/jscs.10.0_59
英文摘要: Generally it is believed that the American Herbartianism disappeared in 1902, when N.S.S.S.E. (N.S.S.E.) started. But they produced the 'Project Method' in 1920's. What does it mean? They suggested some effective plans for actual class instructions even in 20th century. I am sure that we need to change our understanding of the span and epoch divisions of the American Herbartian Movement. Though many of the previous researchers believed the span was from 1887 to 1902, it should be thought to be from 1887 to 1929, when C.A.McMurry died and the books and articles by Herbartians disappeared completely. Now the intention of this study is to make clear the process that they imported and applied formal steps to the recitation system, which had been very popular in America in the second half of...
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