Relations between Texture Coefficient and Energy Consumption of Gang Saws in Carbonate Rock Cutting Process
作者: Alireza Dormishi Mohammad Ataei Reza Mikaeil Reza Khalo Kakaei
刊名: Civil Engineering Journal, 2018, Vol.4 (2)
来源数据库: C.E.J Publishing Group
关键词: Energy ConsumptionGang Saw MachineTexture CoefficientRock Engineering Specifications.
原始语种摘要: Texture coefficient is one of the most influential parameters in rock engineering specifications in various projects including drilling, cutting, permeability of all-section drilling devices, etc. Meanwhile, investigating and forecasting the energy consumption of saw cutters are one of the most important factors in estimating the cutting costs. The present study aims to investigate the relationship between rock texture characteristics and the amount of energy consumption of the gang saw machine in the process of cutting carbonate rocks. To evaluate the effects of texture on the rocks' engineering specifications, 14 carbonate rock samples were studied. A microscopic thin section was made from each rock specimen. Then, five digital images were taken from each section under a microscope and...
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  • consumption 消耗
  • between 在中间
  • Energy 能量
  • texture 结构
  • smallest 最小的
  • influential 有影响的
  • cutting 伐木
  • estimating 价值估计
  • specifications 技术条件
  • costs 费用