Challenges and research priorities to progress the impact of antimicrobial stewardship
作者: Matteo Bassetti MD, PhD, Daniele Roberto Giacobbe MD, Antonio Vena MD, PhD, Adrian Brink MMed
刊名: Drugs in Context, 2019
来源数据库: BioExcel Publishing Ltd
DOI: 10.7573/dic.212600
关键词: Antimicrobial stewardshipAntimicrobial resistanceAMRAMSAntifungal stewardship
原始语种摘要: Antimicrobial stewardship programmes have been playing an important role in patient care and hospital policies. These programmes are now recognised as formal strategies for curbing the upward trend in antibiotic resistance and for improving the appropriate antimicrobial and antifungal use. The role of such programs in the era of antimicrobial resistance presents several unique challenges and opportunities, most notably in the diagnostic and therapeutic setting. Controversies remain regarding the most effective interventions and the appropriate design to evaluate their impact. In this review, based on rounds of discussion, we explain the most important challenges faced by antibiotic stewardship and antifungal stewardship programmes. We also try to suggest areas for further research.
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  • antimicrobial 杀菌剂
  • antibiotic 抗生素
  • antifungal 抗真菌的
  • impact 冲击碰撞
  • hospital 医院
  • research 
  • suggest 建议
  • curbing 抑制
  • regarding 涉及
  • important 重要的