Tropical pyomyositis with S. aureus bacteremia in a patient with newly diagnosed diabetes mellitus type 2 who presented with muscle weakness and rhabdomyolysis
作者: Alexandros SkourtisEleni GeladariPanagiota TsamadiaGeorgios KafetzisEleni AntypaChara KouvidouNatalia Vallianou
作者单位: 11st Internal Medicine Department, Evaggelismos General Hospital, Athens, Greece
24th Surgical Department, Evaggelismos General Hospital, Athens, Greece
3Radiology Department, Evaggelismos General Hospital, Athens, Greece
4Pathology Department, Evaggelismos General Hospital, Athens, Greece
刊名: European Journal of Medical Case Reports, 2019, Vol.3 (1), pp.41-44
来源数据库: Discover STM Publishing Ltd
DOI: 10.24911/ejmcr/173-1540403995
关键词: PyomyositisStaphylococcus aureusMuscle tendernessType II diabetes mellitusAntibioticsSurgical drainage
原始语种摘要: Backgound: Pyomyositis is a medical condition characterized by pus collection and abscess formation within the skeletal muscles . There are two main loci, where pyomyositis develops; tropic regions that primarily occurs in healthy children along with temperate areas, where the affected population is primarily immunocompromised adults . The most common predisposing factor is any state of immunodeficiency . The most common culprit is Staphylococcus aureus (S. aureus). The classic clinical presentation of the disease is cramping muscle pain accompanied by fever. The anatomical parts most commonly affected are the lower extremities . Complications include pericarditis, septic emboli, endocarditis and even rhabdomyolysis . Cultures of drainage specimens and radiographic imaging point to the...
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  • pyomyositis 脓性肌炎
  • diabetes 糖尿病
  • bacteremia 菌血症
  • rhabdomyolysis 横纹肌崩解
  • muscle 肌肉
  • newly 重新
  • weakness 无力
  • drainage 排水
  • presentation 提示
  • radiographic 射线照相的