A Study of Geographical Area ’ s Affect on Virtual P urchase in Faisalabad
作者: Javed, Asma
刊名: International Journal of Business, Economics and Management Works, 2016, Vol.3 (3), pp.33-37
来源数据库: Kambohwell Publisher Enterprises
关键词: Geographical distanceintention to purchaseonline shopping.
原始语种摘要: This is the era of technology and technologies reduce the distances and shrink the whole world. Shopping from the internet is also one example of technology. For online shopping consumer must have internet connection and he/she can buy everything in just some clicks. Geographical distance to the shopping mall is great problem especially when there consumer face lack of mobility and delivery of the heavy shopping becomes trouble. The study explores the customers’ intention to online purchase when there is a great distance between residential area and traditional shopping place. People were chosen from Faisalabad city and two hundred and fifty respondents were selected as sample. Several data analyses methods were used to find out the Frequency, percentages, Chi –square Degree of freedom,...
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  •  连接
  • shopping 选购
  • intention 意图
  • great 大的
  • residential 居住的
  • purchase 购买
  • problem 题目
  • connection 连接
  • issue 连接
  • especially 特别地
  • everything 事事