Stabilization of Betalains from the Peel of Red Dragon Fruit [Hylocereus polyrhizus (Weber) Britton & Rose] through Biopolymeric Encapsulation
作者: Evelyn B. Rodriguez Mark Louis P. Vidallon David Joram R. Mendoza Kevin Arbine M. Dalisay Charisse T. Reyes
刊名: The Philippine Agricultural Scientist, 2015, Vol.98 (4)
来源数据库: College of Agriculture, University of the Philippines Los Baños
关键词: betacyaninsbetalainsdragon fruitencapsulationHylocereus polyrhizus (Weber) Britton & Rosenatural food colorant
原始语种摘要: The betalain contents of red dragon fruit [Hylocereus polyrhizus (Weber) Britton & Rose], as determined by spectrophotometry, were 30.18 ± 3.01 mg per 100 g of fresh peel and 42.71 ± 2.48 mg per 100 g of fresh pulp. Thin-layer chromatographic analysis showed betacyanins as the only type of betalain component in the peel and pulp. Betalain extract was encapsulated, employing emulsification technique, in three matrices: maltodextrin (3:1 wall-to-core ratio); maltodextrin-gum Arabic and maltodextrin-dragon fruit peel pectin, both using a 4:1 wall-to-core ratio. Optical microscopy imaging showed that matrix-type and shard-like microparticles were obtained. Encapsulation of betalains promoted significantly higher stability (P < 0.05) at different storage conditions: 4 °C and room temperature...
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  • Encapsulation 封闭、灌封
  • Weber 韦伯
  • encapsulated 压缩
  • maltodextrin 麦芽糖糊精
  • microscopy 显微镜检查
  • retention 保留
  • light 
  • dragon 
  • component 成分
  • layer