Physical Investigations on (MoO 3 ) x -(WO 3 ) 1-x Composite Thin Films
(MoO 3)x-(wo3)1-x复合薄膜的物理研究
作者: K. SrinivasaraoCh. Prameela
作者单位: 1Sasi Institute of Technology and Engineering, Department of Applied Sciences and Humanities, Tadepalligudem, Andhra Pradesh, 534 101, India
2Chalapathy Institute of Technology, Department of Sciences and Humanities, Guntur, Andhra Pradesh, 522 016, India
刊名: Journal of Surface Science and Technology, 2019, Vol.35 (1-2), pp.26-35
来源数据库: Informatics Publishing Ltd
DOI: 10.18311/jsst/2019/18461
关键词: Composite Thin FilmsCharacterizationFlash EvaporationPhotochromism
原始语种摘要: Thin films of (MoO 3 ) x -(WO 3 ) 1-x (x = 0.4, 0.6, 0.8) were deposited on glass and silicon (100) substrates by flash evaporation technique. The purpose of the flash evaporation is to prevent the decomposition of composite into individual species during thin film deposition. The films were deposited at the oxygen partial pressures of 2x10 -5 , 2x10 -4 mbar and substrate temperatures of 150 0 C, 350 0 C. The deposited films were characterized for their structure by Graging Incidence X-ray Diffraction (GIXRD), microstructure by Field Emission Scanning Electron Microscopy (FESEM), optical property by UVVis spectra. The X-ray diffraction reveals that the (MoO 3 ) x -(WO 3 ) 1-x composite thin film crystallizes in orthorhombic and monoclinic phases. At lower oxygen partial pressures of 2x10...
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  • films 薄膜
  • substrate 基质
  • transmittance 透射比
  • evaporation 蒸发
  • structure 构造
  • silicon 
  • concentration 浓度
  • Electron 埃雷克特龙镁合金
  • oxygen 
  • optical 光学的