Comparative analysis of the response and gene regulation in cold resistant and susceptible tea plants
作者: Qiuyan BanXuewen WangCheng PanYiwei WangLei KongHuiguang JiangYiqun XuWenzhi WangYuting PanYeyun LiChangjun Jiang
作者单位: 11 State Key Laboratory of Tea Plant Biology and Utilization/key Laboratory of Tea Biology and Processing, Ministry of Agriculture, Anhui Agricultural University, Hefei City, Anhui Province, PR China
2 2 Department of Genetics, University of Georgia, Athens, Georgia, United States of America
3 3 Henan Provincial Key Laboratory of Tea Plant Biology, Xinyang Normal University, Xinyang, Henan Province, PR China
刊名: PLOS ONE, 2017, Vol.12 (12)
来源数据库: PLOS
DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0188514
原始语种摘要: Cold environment is the main constraint for tea plants ( Camellia sinensis ) distribution and tea farming. We identified two tea cultivars, called var. sinensis cv. Shuchazao (SCZ) with a high cold-tolerance and var. assamica cv. Yinghong9 (YH9) with low cold-tolerance. To better understand the response mechanism of tea plants under cold stress for improving breeding, we compared physiological and biochemical responses, and associated genes expression in response to 7-day and 14-day cold acclimation, followed by 7-day de-acclimation in these two tea cultivars. We found that the low EL50, low Fv/Fm, and high sucrose and raffinose accumulation are responsible for higher cold tolerance in SCZ comparing with YH9. We then measured the expression of 14 key homologous genes, known as involved in...
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  • expression 表示
  • regulation 
  • homologous 同结构型的
  • response 响应
  • resistant 耐久的
  • higher 
  • acclimation 风土顺化
  • responsible 负责的
  • accumulation 堆积
  • understand 理解