Application of Neural Network in Load Frequency Control of Power System in Four Control Areas
作者: Aldi MuckaAstrit BardhiDenis Qirollari
刊名: International Journal of Power and Energy Engineering, 2019, Vol.1 (12)
来源数据库: Century Science Publishing Co
关键词: Load Frequency ControlPower SystemANN Controller
原始语种摘要: Rapid population growth and technological development is a 21st century phenomenon. This phenomenon eventually increases the demand for electricity and its supply reliability. Power systems are complex networks consisting of generation, transmission and distribution of electricity to customers over a large geographical area. Power systems are interconnected to enable a secure and economical supply. Automatic Generation Control (AGC) or Load Frequency Control (LFC) is a very important subject in power systems for a reliable and quality of electricity supply to costumer. Load Frequency Control helps to reduce deviations during transient processes by moving the error to zero value in steady state. The main objective of ACG in interconnected systems is to maintain the frequency at nominal...
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  • control 控制
  • Control 控制
  • electricity 电气
  • supply 供给
  • Power 鲍尔铅基轴承合金
  • systems 系统科学与软件
  • development 开发
  • generation 世代
  • Application 应用
  • great 大的