Implementing Innovation Management on Market Attractiveness and Unique Resources to Enhance Business Performance on Organic Fertilizer Industries in Indonesia
作者: Yanto RamliMochamad Soelton
刊名: Academy of Strategic Management Journal, 2018, Vol.17 (2)
来源数据库: Allied Business Academies
关键词: Market AttractivenessUnique ResourcesInnovation ManagementBusiness Performance
原始语种摘要: This study derived from the phenomenon of less optimal business performance of organic fertilizer industries in Indonesia, this issue was assumed that the market are less attractive and the resources are not unique and also do not imposed innovation management on both the market and the resources. The intention of this research is based on the preliminary survey and research done on organic fertilizer industries registered in the Ministry of Agriculture. Most of these industries are unable to survive the business even though the requirement for organic fertilizer tends to increase. The survey also detected that the production line from most of the industries are relatively similar. These may be one of the reasons for low performance and no uniqueness in the industries. The research done...
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  • resources 资源
  • descriptive 描述的
  • research 
  • market 市场
  • optimize 优选
  • process 过程
  • optimal 最佳的
  • innovation 革新
  • fertilizer 肥料
  • develop 发展