Breastfeeding and respiratory tract infections during the first 2 years of life
作者: Jingying WangAlban RametteMaja JurcaMyrofora GoutakiCaroline S. BeardsmoreClaudia E. Kuehni
作者单位: 1Institute of Social and Preventive Medicine, University of Bern, Bern, Switzerland
2Paediatric Respiratory Medicine, Children's University Hospital of Bern, Bern, Switzerland
3Department of Infection, Immunity and Inflammation, University of Leicester, Leicester, UK
刊名: ERJ Open Research, 2017, Vol.3 (2)
来源数据库: European Respiratory Society
DOI: 10.1183/23120541.00143-2016
原始语种摘要: Breastfeeding protects against respiratory tract infections (RTIs) in infants [1–3], but whether its effects persist beyond that age is not well understood. Some studies have reported that protection diminishes soon after weaning [2], while others have found that it extends until the age of 2 years [4] or more [5, 6]. It is noteworthy that many previous studies grouped RTIs broadly into upper or lower tract infections, rather than studying specific diseases [3, 7], and few adjusted adequately for confounding factors [5] or investigated a possible effect modification by sex, which had been suggested by several studies showing a stronger protection in girls [8, 9].
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  • years 年代
  • first 第一
  • during 在的期间
  • protection 保护
  • broadly 概括地
  • tract 
  • respiratory 呼吸过程
  • previous 先前的
  • several 各自
  • noteworthy 值得注意的