Using Queuing Simulation Model in Production Process Innovations
作者: Vrecko, I.Kovac, J.Rupnik, B.Gajsek, B.
刊名: International Journal of Simulation Modeling, 2019, Vol.18 (1), pp.47-58
来源数据库: DAAAM International Vienna
DOI: 10.2507/IJSIMM18(1)458
关键词: Production ProcessAssemblyOptimisationInnovationsDiscrete Event Simulation Model
原始语种摘要: Investment decision dilemmas were since late 60's of previous century interesting for research from the perspective of financial dilemmas, while later, with arising uncertainty and dynamic of business environments, stochastic decisions problems needed more in-depth and complex considerations. High technology flexibility and multiple variation production process with significant losses related to resetting machine on one hand and great investment costs for new technology on the other hand, makes technology investment decisions in contemporary business environment multifarious. In this paper, we are presenting the case of optimizing investment decision dilemma in multiple variation production process. Using a discrete event simulation model we test two alternatives regarding the impact on...
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  • decision 决定
  • optimal 最佳的
  • indicators 指示器
  • flexibility 柔顺性
  • investment 投资
  • uncertainty 不定
  • costs 费用
  • products 制品
  • stochastic 随机的
  • process 过程