The Impact of Using Asking for Clarification and Circumlocution Speaking Strategies on Enhancing the Speaking Skill of EFL Students
作者: Niveen BaradeyahMohammed Farrah
刊名: Studies in Linguistics and Literature, 2017, Vol.1 (2)
来源数据库: Scholink
DOI: 10.22158/sll.v1n2p86
原始语种摘要: This study mainly aimed at investigating the impact of teaching the asking for clarification and circumlocution speaking strategies on enhancing students’ speaking ability. In addition, it investigated the impact of teaching asking for clarification and circumlocution speaking strategies on students’ use of other speaking strategies. Finally, it aimed at finding the correlation between language proficiency and students’ use of the taught speaking strategies. Sixty-two 10th graders at Noba Secondary School for Girls, a government high school, Palestine, participated in the study. Their native language is Arabic. They were divided into an experimental group comprised of thirty-one students and a control group consisted of thirty-one students. The experimental group had training...
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  • EFL Equivalent Focal Length
  • teaching 教学
  • proficiency 熟练
  • clarification 澄清
  • speaking 说话
  • semester 一学期
  • there 那里
  • skill 熟练
  • language 语言
  • strategy 战略