Time Scales in the Evolution of Solution Porosity in Porous Coastal Carbonate Aquifers by Mixing Corrosion in the Saltwater-Freshwater Transition Zone
作者: Wolfgang DreybrodtDouchko Romanov
作者单位: 1Universitaet Bremen, FB1, Karst Processes Research Group, Bremen
2Freie Universitaet Berlin, Fachbereich Geowissenschaften, Berlin
刊名: Acta Carsologica, 2007, Vol.36 (1)
来源数据库: ZRC SAZU, Založba ZRC
DOI: 10.3986/ac.v36i1.205
原始语种摘要: Dissolution of calcium carbonate in the saltwater-freshwater mixing zone of coastal carbonate aquifers up to now has been treated by coupling geochemical equilibrium codes to a reactive-transport model. The result is a complex nonlinear coupled set of differential transport-advection equations, which need high computational efforts. However, if dissolution rates of calcite are sufficiently fast, such that one can assume the solution to be in equilibrium with respect to calcite a highly simplified modelling approach can be used. To calculate initial changes of porosity in the rock matrix one only needs to solve the advection-transport equation for salinity s in the freshwater lens and its transition zone below the island. Current codes on density driven flow such as SEAWAT can be used. To...

  • porosity 孔隙率
  • carbonate 碳酸盐
  • calcite 方解石
  • geochemical 地球化学的
  • saltwater 盐水
  • equilibrium 平衡
  • freshwater 淡水珍珠
  • origin 起原
  • concentration 浓度
  • advection 平流