A Brief Review of Intimate Partner Violence in the United States: Nature, Correlates, and Proposed Preventative Measures
作者: Pamela C. ReganRamani S. Durvasula
刊名: Interpersona, 2015, Vol.9 (2), pp.127-134
来源数据库: Leibniz Institute for Psychology Information
DOI: 10.5964/ijpr.v9i2.186
关键词: intimate partner violencedomestic abuserisk factorsgender differences
原始语种摘要: Aggression and violence are themes which characterize a significant proportion of many close romantic relationships. Both women and men may find themselves caught in a web of intimate terror – controlled, manipulated, and hurt by a coercive and violent partner. In this brief review article, we summarize existing literature on the form of intimate partner violence known as coercive controlling violence (CCV), domestic abuse, or intimate terrorism. We begin by discussing the nature and consequences of CCV relationships. Personal or individual (e.g., biological sex, age, immigrant status, socioeconomic status, attitudes and beliefs, mental health and psychopathology), relational or interpersonal (e.g., relationship type, relationship satisfaction), and environmental (e.g., economic strain,...
全文获取路径: 莱布尼茨心理学信息研究所  (合作)

  • terror 恐怖
  • intimate 亲密的
  • themselves 本身
  • violent 激烈的
  • brief 简略
  • violence 暴行
  • summarize 概括
  • caught 
  • abuse 滥用
  • coercive 矫顽磁性