Grey Model for Evaluation and Analysis of Competitiveness in the Packaging and Testing Industry
作者: unknown
刊名: International Journal of Management, Economics and Social Sciences, 2016, Vol.5 (3)
来源数据库: IJMESS Int’l Publishers
原始语种摘要: The integrated circuit (IC) packaging and testing industry is an important link in the semiconductor industrial chain that may decide the success or failure of the foundry industry. The purpose of this study was to compare the competitiveness of the packaging and testing industry in the rear section of the foundry process in Taiwan. Starting from the financial data of six listed companies and using Grey theory, this study summarizes their five factors of competition: scale, growth, profit, efficiency and risks. The study confirmed that the model is able to effectively compare the competitiveness of corporations in the same industry.
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  • Packaging 包装
  • industry 工业
  • foundry 铸造车间
  • packaging 封装
  • competition 竞争
  • purpose 目的
  • Analysis 分析
  • process 过程
  • financial 财政的
  • efficiency 效率