The Smiling Mask in Service Encounters: The Impact of Surface and Deep Acting
作者: unknown
刊名: International Journal of Management, Economics and Social Sciences, 2017, Vol.6 (1)
来源数据库: IJMESS Int’l Publishers
原始语种摘要: The purpose of the study was to examine the impact of emotional labor mechanisms (surface acting and deep acting) on service encounters. The literature review has been conducted to examine how two mechanisms impact on employees and customers. The study suggested that as far as employees are concerned, it has been concluded that deep acting rather than surface acting is responsible of high levels of employee satisfaction.
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  • impact 冲击碰撞
  • suggested 建议
  • concerned 有关
  • acting 动作
  • examine 
  • emotional 情绪的
  • responsible 负责的
  • labor 工作
  • satisfaction 满意
  • literature 文献